The Programme

Our track-based programme is delivered over 6 months, supporting the development of early-stage medical innovations and technologies through expert-led masterclasses, digital learning content and 1:1 coaching. 

Programme overview

Supporting MedTech startups through the complex journey of concept to market. Tailored to specific areas of healthcare needs and challenges, each track offers targeted mentorship, training, and strategic partnerships. Participants gain the skills, resources and connections needed to overcome obstacles and successfully commercialise early-stage.

How it works

Tailored support

Entrepreneurial training

Over 75 hours worth of entrepreneurial training. From in-person sessions to digital learning content developed in collaboration with Imperial College Business School.


With years of experience in fields such as regulatory strategy, legal and finance, and investor readiness – our masterclasses are expert-led and cover concepts vital to successful venture development.  

1:1 Advisory Sessions

Monthly meetings with experienced advisors who challenge our innovators to think critically about their milestones and goals, as well as providing support on challenges the that they are facing.

The results

Key Learning Outcomes

MedTech SuperConnector prioritises the professional growth and development of our ECR participants. Our accelerator programmes not only provide access to resources and opportunities but also focus on the essential learning outcomes that innovators need to succeed in the MedTech industry. Our comprehensive approach ensures that participants leave our programmes equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a lasting impact on healthcare.

Industry Knowledge and Business Development: Gain a deep understanding of the MedTech landscape, including market trends and the competitive environment, while acquiring skills in planning and financial management to help grow and scale.

Intellectual Property and Regulatory Compliance: Grasp the principles of IP protection, including patents, trademarks, and licensing agreements, to safeguard your innovations, while navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

Communication and Pitching: Develop effective communication and presentation skills to engage investors, partners, and customers with confidence.

Networking and Collaboration: Build lasting relationships with industry stakeholders, mentors, and fellow innovators to create a strong support network for your MedTech journey.


Entry requirements

Our programme is open to Early Career Researchers, including research fellows, postdocs & late-stage PhD candidates, with a medical technology in development in the lab at a higher education institution in the UK.


Technologies should be at a minimum proof of concept stage.


Researchers looking to explore the commercialisation or licensing of their technology.


Applications are accepted from both institutional and non-institutional IP.


Postdocs and PhD candidates must have support from their Principal Investigator or research supervisor to be on the programme.

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MTSC is uniquely placed to facilitate exchange between MedTech innovators and industry players and help them succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive landscape. Our innovation support ecosystem creates value through world-class entrepreneurship training, access to funding, mentorship and expertise.

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