MedTech SuperConnector (MTSC) is an open experiment in medtech acceleration, combining research from eight academic institutions, their technology transfer offices, three science business incubators, industry expertise, NHS patients, and other enabling partners.


We will run four incubator programmes over 3 years alternating between technology and challenge led acceleration models to determine the most effective methods for translating medtech discoveries into clinical practice and consumer use. We provide Early Career Researchers (ECRs) with the funding, training, mentorship and access to industry partners to help fast track the translation of their research discoveries. Programme outputs and lessons learnt are shared by each institution’s technology transfer office to create an evidence base for best practice in knowledge exchange and medtech translation.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurial early career academic researchers to commercialise early-stage medtech innovation. In doing so, our vision is to become, a world leading organisation for supporting and accelerating the commercialisation of early-stage medtech innovations.

Venture Accelerator

This 8 month programme, cohorts 1 & 3, provides ECRs with access to the funds and resources to uncover insights into the commercial viability of their technology and gain valuable business focused & entrepreneurial skills to help increase the impact of their vision. Core learning and skills development centres on understanding the market and finding their position within it; focusing on customers and why they would pay for the product or service been proposed. Ultimately supporting participants to get out of their comfort zone, out of the lab and in front of customers to build a product that meets an existing demand.

Challenge Accelerator

Centering on the formation of a team and idea development; cohorts 2 & 4 aim to take postdocs, PhD and Master’s students from any academic background with a passion for the programme’s goals through a 6 month accelerator. Utilising a hackathon model to ideate, applicants will have the chance to team up with fellow researchers with complementary skills to work on early stage ideas framed around a challenge. Following the hackathon, selected teams and ideas are invited to join the full six-month programme starting with an intensive design sprint along with providing access to entrepreneurship training & financial support.

Connecting Capability Fund

The Connecting Capability Fund CCF funding of £100 million was allocated from 2017-18 for four years from the science and research budget to the then Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). From 1 April 2018, CCF has become the responsibility of Research England in UK Research and Innovation.

In 2017-18 HEFCE allocated £15 million from the Connecting Capability Fund through a formula linked with main HEIF allocations. Following this a further £85 million is supporting competitive projects, managed by Research England.

The total allocated for CCF projects includes an additional £1.4 million from the Research England HEIF programme which has enabled 18 CCF projects in total to be supported.