Shefali Bohra

Co-Founder of Dotplot
Shefali is a recent graduate from Imperial College London and Royal College of Art, London who co-founded Dotplot with Debra Babalola.
Dotplot is an at-home breast health monitoring tool that aims to assist and guide women through a breast self-check monthly. Their mission is to reduce late detection of breast cancer and its impact on people’s lives.
It is a handheld device that pairs with a mobile application to first determine correct date for self-check, build a personalised map of the torso and then guide a user through their check while highlighting the areas covered. It aims to record breast tissue composition data which will then be compared with the first scan to highlight any abnormal changes.
Whilst they were on MTSC, Dotplot raised £190,000 in grant funds and competitions and has been refining the system to identify the correct location of the device on the torso. Their next milestone is to develop the tissue composition recording system that is able to flag any abnormal changes.