Ashwin Nandakumar

Co-Founder of OncoAssign

Ashwin is the co-founder of OncoAssign, a cancer diagnostic start-up that enables oncologists to identify the most suitable treatment approach for a cancer patient, preventing cancer relapse as seen in 10 million cancer patients/year. He previously completed his DPhil (PhD) in Oncology from the University of Oxford and worked as a postdoctoral scientist with Dr Anguraj Sadanandam from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London. Ashwin was also shortlisted as one of the top 10 Early-Career Entrepreneurs in the UK 2022 by Cancer Research UK.

OncoAssign is a spin-off from Dr Sadanandam’s lab at the ICR, currently focusing on bowel cancer. OncoAssign has identified a unique method of integrating tumour heterogeneity to enhance treatment stratification. OncoAssign is in the process of setting up a prospective clinical trial in Europe and setting up operations in the US.