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Our ventures range from advances in prosthesis to novel clinical applications for machine learning

Voice-based AI tool could offer clinicians a better way to track depression

Scientist turned entrepreneur to share secrets of success

The MedTech SuperConnector is set up and designed to facilitate the early stage development of innovative medical technologies, from devices, diagnostics, and digital healthcare solutions. MTSC will provide participants with the funding, training, mentorship and access to industry partners to help fast-track the translation of their research discoveries.

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Dive into the programme and hear more from the first cohort.

How we are funded

Funded by Research England, MTSC is an initiative from a consortium of eight dynamic London universities with interest in nurturing talent, ideas, and entrepreneurship. MTSC will focus uniquely on a new route for Post-Docs and graduate students, to translate medtech discoveries from academic labs into startup companies, proposing more solutions to today’s health challenges.

Our Ventures

Find out more about the early career researchers, PhD candidates and masters' students and their technology.

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Our Mentors

Find out more about the business specialists, healthcare professionals, and industry leaders supporting our ventures.

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Kateryna PortmannEbrahim MohamedOmar ButtKate LowesJames Wong

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