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RVC Team

An online therapy programme for managing stress and promoting wellbeing in veterinary professionals

Mental illness is a major concern in healthcare industries. In healthcare professionals, mental health is particularly important because it can be associated with medical errors and decreased performance, which may negatively impact patients’ health. In the veterinary profession, research shows veterinary surgeons in the UK are at three to four times more likely to die from suicide than members of the general population, which can cause devastating effect on families, friends and colleagues.

We provide an online self-help programme for managing stress and promoting wellbeing in veterinary professionals. This will include treatment modules bringing together different types of therapies, as well as personal support from a wellbeing practitioner. The therapies will be targeted at veterinary professionals and will be interactive, flexible and available 24/7.

Inês is a PhD student at the Royal Veterinary College who graduated as veterinarian from the University of Lisbon. Inês is being advised by Tas Gohir, Head of Knowledge Transfer and Impact at RVC, who has an academic background in biotechnology/biomedical sciences and is experienced in the commercialisation of early-stage technologies.

We are looking for support from charities and collaborations with veterinary clinics and hospitals.

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