Riccardo Secoli

Riccardo Secoli

Imperial College London

Riccardo Secoli

Neoptera Surgical

Neoptera Surgical specialises in precision robotic surgery for minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy, bolstered by proprietary bio-inspired technology

We have developed a novel neuro-surgical platform technology capable of delivering drugs, insitu-diagnostic instruments and laser ablation therapy to areas of the brain currently inaccessible to traditional neurosurgical tools. The platform technology comprises three core elements. The realisation of the central component, which has been inspired by the mechanism underpinning stinger of the ovipositor wasp, would represent the first 3D steerable, implantable, neuro needle/catheter device in man. The second element is a sensing system that allows the proposed steerable needle to detect biological information directly from the needle tip, rather than by follow up biopsy surgeries as would occur conventionally. The third element is a computational navigation system, which allows the surgical user to see the location of the steerable needle/catheter within the brain during the surgical procedure. The platform is capable of addressing commercial needs as standalone modules (hardware and software) or together as an integrated ecosystem. Technology identified use cases suggest potential clinical indication relating to localised drug-delivery, deep brain stimulation, deployment tools for gene-therapy (Parkinson disease), multi-rating in brachytherapy, LiTT treatment for epilepsy as well for applications outside the brain in other soft tissues, such as the liver and lungs.


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