Matthew Caley

Matthew Caley

Queen Mary University of London

Matthew Caley

Restoring Aged Skin: From the Bottom Up

As we age the composition of our skin changes, leading to dry, easily damaged skin. We will combine our high-throughput screening system with libraries of natural plant extracts to identify compounds that reverse skin ageing.

My research has focused on understanding the structure and function of healthy skin and how this is disrupted in disease and ageing. The skin forms a barrier protecting the body from environmental stresses, this barrier is formed from a combination of proteins and lipids. As we age the composition of the barrier changes, the levels of lipids in the skin decrease causing dry easily damaged skin. Through our research we have identified a mechanism for the loss of lipids in ageing skin and have developed a high throughput screen to identify agents that can reverse this change.

We will use our high throughput screening system to identify active compounds from a library of plant extracts and plant derived compounds. Compounds that are able to restore normal lipid levels in our aged skin model will be further validated in our 3D organotypic aged skin culture systems.


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