Kaktus Cohort 2 MedTech SuperConnector


Imperial College London


Kaktus-ai is a data-driven platform that monitors, predicts and improves the mental health & wellbeing in the work environment.

In the UK, one in six people in employment suffer from a mental health condition and 80% of people will experience poor mental health at some point in their career. 35% won’t seek help and, for those that do, it may take multiple GP and specialist appointments to be correctly diagnosed. Traditional strategies aimed at tackling this problem within the workplace are often ineffective, missing out on vital opportunities to support employees suffering from mental health conditions. With over 32 million people in work in the UK today, at least 5 million will be affected by a mental health condition costing the UK economy £70 billion, US $100 billion annually.

Kaktus is a digital platform for HR departments, line managers and employees aimed at tackling this problem, providing businesses with evidence-based recommendations to transform both individual and workplace wellbeing. Using artificial intelligence and data science to analyse data distributed across workplace communication channels it recognises indicators of stress and other mental illness. Offering evidence-based departmental and personalised productivity recommendations, such as group activities, one-to-one online sessions with professionals and providing the business as a whole with measures on how their implemented programs are making a difference based on data analytics supporting decisions and smart surveys.

Our team is made up of 3 co-founders with different specialities. Tarik is a Data Scientist with extensive experience in NLP and ML, he is a PhD student at Imperial and responsible for the development of Kaktus technologies as the CTO. Mohamed is a Medical Doctor and a recent graduate of Imperial with a background in neurosurgery, neuroscience and extensive research in neuroimaging. He is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), responsible for the product design, working side by side with Tarik to digitize the medical concepts behind Kaktus. Ahmed is a final stage PhD student at Imperial with experience in management and social entrepreneurship, previously launched an Edtech social startup. He is responsible for the management of Kaktus as the CEO.

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Focusing on novel solutions that address the Future of Pain our Challenge Accelerator Programme offers a salary replacement to take six-months (full-time) away from the lab to develop a medical technology into a business venture. The programme offers entrepreneurship masterclasses, specialist advice, access to co-working space and an allowance for travel and consumables (up to £45,000).

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