Giovanni Milandri Cohort Four participant

Giovanni Milandri

Imperial College London

Giovanni Milandri

Bone Protector Cap for Amputee Stump Pain

An implant to reduce irritation and pain inside an amputee’s stump by protecting the end of their bone from rubbing on the muscles as they walk. This can enable some amputees to leave their wheelchair and be able to use a prosthesis for the first time

Lower limb amputation surgery cuts through the bone, leaving the end exposed. The rubbing of the bone against the surrounding muscle causes pain, discomfort, and often requires further surgery. This problem is especially acute for patients supporting their weight through the end of their residual limb. This type of body support is recommended for improved mobility and prosthetic control, but not all patients are able to do it due to chronic pain.

Thus, reducing the cause of this pain allows amputees to be more active; for some, it allows them to try a prosthetic for the first time. For the majority of amputees, chronic residual limb pain is holding them back. Historically, several promising techniques to close the bone end have reduced pain, but their use has not become widespread. This is because typically they require up to double the (expensive) surgical time, and results vary with the surgeon’s training/experience. Also, relying on the regrowth of bone makes the results unpredictable.

In this project, we are developing an implant that spreads the load and protects the end of the bone inside the amputee’s residual limb. It is simple to fit, fully biocompatible, and reduces costs by shortening surgery time and requiring little titanium. We believe our implant will allow these patients to become more active by correctly loading their amputated limb, significantly reducing irritation and pain. This solution can be offered without long surgery, and without demanding specialised surgeon training, thus reducing demand on national healthcare resources.

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