Ben Swift

The Royal Veterinary College

Ben Swift

Rapid low-cost TB diagnostics

Mycobacteria cause a range of disease including tuberculosis (TB) in both humans and animals. TB is responsible for almost 2 million deaths per year in people, and is responsible for huge economic costs worldwide in agriculture. The reliable diagnosis of TB is seen as the cornerstone to every approach to controlling and eliminating these infections, however there a large gaps in research currently being performed. Thus, there is a great need for novel methods of detecting TB. Current diagnostics are either insensitive or ill-suited to the needs of clinicians/researchers. Diagnostics need to be cheap, robust, require minimal training, usable in a low resource setting, have a high sensitivity and specificity and ideally can detect antimicrobial resistance.

I have developed a novel diagnostic platform technology that has the ability address all these needs, with the potential to revolutionise the detection of TB and other pathogens in humans and animals. The development of the technology to appeal to consumer needs, both in the human and veterinary field.

Currently connections and access to networks willing to help exploit my technology are required to fully understand current market and customer needs.

Conected Mentors

Michael Healy

Equity Research Analyst - MedTech

Sumeet Sharma


Diagnostics Accelerator Programme: market access planning and evidence generation

Delivered in partnership with the National Institute of Health Research London In Vitro Diagnostics unit this six-week evidence generation focused programme will support medtech innovators to de-risk the path to successful deployment through the development of a business case validating their clinical, financial and social claims. This way, when innovators approach the health system, they are comfortable in the knowledge that the product achieves what it is designed to do.

Applications Open (closing 7 March 2021)