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Previous Programme Themes

We have run four full programmes to date, alternating between technology and challenge led acceleration models, testing the different approaches and using the learning to improve the next programme.

Challenge Accelerator 2020

The challenge for this programme was Future of Pain, and was developed in collaboration with GSK Consumer Healthcare – supporting researchers with novel approaches to addressing how science, medicine and patients understand, diagnose and manage pain.

Venture Accelerator 2019

This programme took a similar approach to the first venture accelerator focusing again on individuals and teams rather than a specific challenge. This resulted in a variety of ventures that covered therapeutics, biotech, medical education, diagnostic and digital health.

Challenge Accelerator 2019

The Challenge Accelerator programme centres on the formation of team and idea development. Researchers from any academic background were invited to take part in an initial hackathon to generate ideas that addressed the challenge, Mental Health, Welbeing and Happiness.

Venture Accelerator 2018

For our first, programme, we selected 10 promising individuals and technologies from across the consortium and provided them with funding, training as well as mentorship and access to industry partners to help them fast track the translation of their research.