Mike Irvine

Healthcare Product and Technology Development Specialist

Mike Irvine


Having developed products, technologies and associated alliances in healthcare since 1985, it is an honour and opportunity to get involved with enthusiastic entrepreneurs with similar objectives

Mike’s experience includes management of scientific and engineering organisations, cross-functional working to drive innovation in operations, design, development and business / quality processes for healthcare products and technologies. A scientific background coupled with experience of multi-skilled engineering teams permits a valuable understanding of system technology from application, functional and clinical perspectives.

Mike has established professional networks of broad specialist skills. When coupled with his resourceful attitude this results in enterprising solutions being found to technical and strategic business issues.

Attention to detail, an appetite for challenges and a tenacious style coupled with confident and influencing communications ensure that activities are seen through to completion with few surprises. Commercial focus and professional conduct ensure that strategic and tactical initiatives are derived and executed based on business needs.

Knowledge Exchange

MedTech SuperConnector is unique in it’s experimentation of acceleration; real-time learnings are being shared to develop a valuable pool of evidence, tools and resources

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