James Wong

Head of Corporate Advisory

James Wong

Mercia Technologies PLC

The MTSC accelerator programme will be a valuable catalyst for the MedTech sector, promoting multi-disciplinary medical technology entrepreneurship and innovation.

James Wong is an experienced and entrepreneurial investment professional with venture capital investing and corporate development experience in healthcare and technology.

He is Head of Corporate Advisory at Mercia Technologies PLC. Prior to Mercia, James undertook scientific research at Cambridge Computational Biology Institute, University of Cambridge, before starting this career at Cambridge Consultants. He then entered venture capital and became Investment Manager at NBGI Ventures, a venture capital firm in London investing in medical technology companies in Europe and the US, before its spin-out to form Stage Capital. More recently, James was Investment Director at Fosun Pharma in Shanghai, China, focusing on venture capital and university IP commercialisation funds and spin-out companies. Returning to the UK, he was Founder and Director of Centrality Ventures in London, working with investors and venture-backed companies in the UK and internationally.

James believes MTSC is valuable for medical entrepreneurship and innovation, accelerating the readiness of new ventures for industry engagement, funding and market adoption.

Knowledge Exchange

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