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Giovanni MilandriKazuya TakahashiDorian HaciAnna WorsleyFrederick Lam

Challenge Accelerator

The Challenge Accelerator programme centres on the challenge, Future of Pain. It takes postdocs and PhD candidates from any academic background already developing a technology that addresses the challenge through a six-month accelerator. Here they receive access to entrepreneurship training, 1-2-1 coaching sessions and financial support.

Giovanni Milandri

Imperial College London

Kazuya Takahashi

Queen Mary University of London

Dorian Haci

Imperial College London

Anna Worsley

Royal Veterinary College

Frederick Lam

The Royal College of Music

Matthew Blackledge

Institute of Cancer Research

Maxwell Munford

Imperial College London

Natalie Kerres

Imperial College London

Nicolas Moser

Imperial College London

Reneira Seeamber

Imperial College London

Richard Harlow

Bucks New University

Samyakh Tukra

Imperial College London

Yaqi Xie

The Royal College of Art

Apply for Cohort Four

Focusing on novel solutions that address the Future of Pain our Challenge Accelerator Programme offers a salary replacement to take six-months (full-time) away from the lab to develop a medical technology into a business venture. The programme offers entrepreneurship masterclasses, specialist advice, access to co-working space and an allowance for travel and consumables (up to £45,000).

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