Alumni | MTSC | Ventures | 18 Jul 2019

Skin Biologist eyes new business opportunities through MTSC Venture Accelerator Programme

“If you’d said to me when I was younger that I would be establishing a business to change skin care testing practices, I would have laughed. I actually fell into this field by accident”

Talking about how she turned her passion and interest in the biology of skin into a business venture, Cohort One alumni, Ros Hannen, has shared her experience of moving from looking at a “microscopic” level to seeing her research in a “global perspective” in the Queen Mary Bioenterprises H1 2019 newsletter. A view point Ros believes is starting to become more common in academia. For us at the MTSC, it is always a pleasure to hear about the continuing growth and development of our alumni community.

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Keratify aims to change in vitro skin testing practices to one that improves accuracy compared to existing methods. In Ros’s own words, “we have created a new skin testing platform that we believe is the most effective way to maintain skin in culture.”

Ros Hannen presenting at the Cohort One Showcase
Ros Hannen presenting at the Cohort One Showcase February 2019
Filming Cohort One Ventures
Filiming the Cohort One Ventures, Ros Hannen