When will the next cohort be?

We are now accepting applications for our Diagnostics Accelerator Programme with London Invitro Diagnostics Co-operative, find out more

Can I apply for more than one cohort?

Making multiple applications will not negatively impact the assessment of your application.

I am interested in partnering and/or collaborating with the MedTech SuperConnector

We always welcome new partnerships and collaborators. Please email us at mtsc@imperial.ac.uk for a more detailed discussion.

Accelerator Programmes - What is the time commitment?

All of our accelerator programmes that offer a salary replacement for early career researchers released onto the programme are considered a fulltime commitment. The Venture Accelerator is an eight programme and the Challenge Accelerator is a six month programme.

Accelerator Programmes - Will current PhD students be eligible to apply as ECRs?

PhD students are eligible subject to the following conditions – your supervisor would be happy for you to interrupt your PhD, interrupting your PhD will not negatively impact on your PhD, your PhD is not funded in a way that would be jeopardised if you were to interrupt your PhD.

Accelerator Programmes - Will the PI automatically be the PhD student's existing supervisor?

The principal investigator will not necessarily be the existing PhD supervisor.

Accelerator Programmes - Who owns the IP?

MedTech SuperConnector does not take IP. The IP ownership will reside within the respective HEI(s) associated with the participant(s).

Accelerator Programmes - Can I bring in technical experts as subcontractors or personnel?

The main purpose of the funding is to enable teams to work on their projects directly. Any external advice or consultancy should be kept to a minimum.

Accelerator Programmes - How can I apply?

We will be opening applications for the Diagnostics Accelerator Programme in early February 2021.

Diagnostics Accelerator - When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is 11:59 GMT Sunday 7 March 2021

Diagnostics Accelerator - When are the panel interviews?

Panel interviews are scheduled for the week of the 22nd March 2021

Diagnostics Accelerator - I am unable to attend the panel interview

There is a possibility that we can arrange for an alternative date, but we cannot guarantee that there will still be places available on the cohort following the scheduled interview dates.

Diagnostics Accelerator - I am unable to attend the programme orientation day

The online programme orientation day is important part of your induction to the progamme covering expectations and learning outcomes.

Diagnostics Accelerator - is there a salary replacement scheme or project funding?

The value in this programme sits with the opportunity to collaborate directly with the London In Vitro Diagnostics to develop a business case that de-risks and validates all of your clinical, financial and social claims with appropriate evidence from a respected body. This way, when you approach the health system, they are comfortable in the knowledge that your product achieves what it is designed to do. Unlike our six and eight month accelerators this programme does not include a salary replacement scheme or project funding.

Diagnostics Accelerator - Intellectual Property

Participating in this programme will not change or affect the status of any IP.

Diagnostics Accelerator - COVID-19

Remaining agile and responsive to the changing circumstances is our number one priority and we aim to continue to deliver all aspects of the programme to the same high standard. We are monitoring the situation closely and will be carrying out all recruitment activity digitally along with the learning the portion of the programme for the foreseeable future.