Uddhav Vaghela

Uddhav Vaghela

Imperial College London

Uddhav Vaghela

VUI Diagnostics

We help doctors detect retinal diseases earlier. Our goal is to make retinal screening affordable, simpler and faster

6.8 million ophthalmology appointments occur each year. A Moorfields Eye Hospital study identified that 52% of ophthalmic outpatient visits were unnecessary, costing the NHS £495 million per year in wasted referrals. Globally, 1 billion people suffer from visual impairment and sight loss, of which 80% could still have intact vision through early diagnosis. The problem? Available devices for retinal imaging are too expensive, complex to operate and inaccurate.

Our solution is a portable device and software symbiosis which can accurately and rapidly produce a digital retinal image, irrespective of operator skill level. VUI can produce a ten times wider field-of-view retinal image than current screening tools – this in itself is more conducive to a sensitive diagnosis, due to the inherent visible changes and distribution of retinal pathology.

Fundamentally, our novel technology bridges the current gulf in the expertise, resource capabilities and healthcare provision between community healthcare and specialist centres. We are able to offer the digital imaging features limited to expensive benchtop machines, whilst potentially costing 50% less than the under-utilised manual devices currently available. This unlocks the scope for longitudinal disease monitoring and AI diagnosis, to facilitate the decentralisation of services.
By simplifying the process of imaging to a ‘plug-and-play’ routine that can be performed by anyone, VUI can enhance the efficacy and accessibility of retinal screening through opticians, pharmacies and primary care.

We are actively seeking partnerships with companies and organisations in primary care and the community healthcare space, to facilitate future implementation of our technology.

VUI Diagnostics Team
VUI Diagnostics Team, Simon Rabinowicz and Uddhav Vaghela

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