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Tramadol To Buy - Tramadol Purchase Cod

A happy and social later life

Currently, more than 2 million people in England aged over 75 live alone, while more than a million say they live without talking to friends or family for a month. Such social deprivation, loneliness and lack of interactions can lead to mental health problems such as depression and dementia as well as decline in physical health. Currently, one in four of aged 65 and above suffer from depression. WE WANT TO CHANGE THIS.

Retroville is a social platform that provides a safe area for lonely elderly people to meet, socialise and engage in a more integrated lifestyle. Our platform facilitates users to form new bonds with their peers based on their interests. Retroville aims to be the 24/7 go-to companion for elderly living alone to feel supported, socially included and purposeful in life.

We are looking for support from charities to connect us with elderly communities to help us better understand and solve this epidemic of loneliness.

The team 

Noyan Songur has a BSc in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University and MSc in Human Robotics from Imperial College London. He previously published papers on human-machine interfaces and his research was awarded by Toyota and BMW. He also held positions in Forbes-acknowledge healthcare startups and consulting companies.

Momen Kamal Tageldeen is currently a PhD candidate at Bioengineering Department at Imperial College London. He has paper publications and several international awards and was an invited reviewer for multiple IEEE conferences. He previously headed the engineering work for a biotechnology start-up that was acknowledged in Forbes and selected for Rebel Bio accelerator.

Cohort Two RetroVille showcase stand
Cohort Two RetroVille showcase stand

A lung therapy trumpet and other medtech innovations

We kicked off Cohort Three in late October with an intensive three-day entrepreneurial bootcamp. We’re looking forward to working with them over the next eight months and sharing their success stories along the way.

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