Jack Herrington

Jack Herrington

Imperial College London

Jack Herrington

Amphura: Laboratory-free hormone monitoring

We are working to put hormone monitoring into the hands of a patient, through the development of point-of-care diagnostics that do not require a lab to deliver your results

Testing hormone levels in the blood require a patient to provide a sample, submit it to their doctor for lab-based testing. The process involves the patient often wait weeks for their result, and puts pressure on central medical centres to process higher volumes of analytical tests.

At Amphura, we are working to provide an easy-to-use point-of-care device that allows a patient to read their own hormone levels with laboratory accuracy to provide a simpler and faster testing platform. By changing the way we detect the presence of a target hormone in the sample, we can use complex media such as blood without compromising on our test sensitivity. Not only does this aim to reduce the waiting time for a result, but allows the patient the freedom to perform a test in the comfort of their own home without requiring transmission of their sample to a testing facility.

A lung therapy trumpet and other medtech innovations

We kicked off Cohort Three in late October with an intensive three-day entrepreneurial bootcamp. We’re looking forward to working with them over the next eight months and sharing their success stories along the way.

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