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Happy Hub logo

Happy Hub

Imperial College London & Queen Mary University of London

Cheap Tramadol Cod - Tramadol Online Overnight Credit Card

Cheap Tramadol Cod - Tramadol Online Overnight Credit Card

Improving workplace productivity for large organisations through effective stress management

£6.4 billion is wasted in the United Kingdom due to workplace stress. Key reasons that feed into the persisting problem of stress in the workplace include a lack of stress management knowledge, limited access to de-stressing activities within work environments and no standard measurement to assess the problem

Happy Hub offer a one stop shop that provides a suite of evidence based stress management resources for large organisations. This includes tailored consulting services to increase knowledge and awareness of stress, easy access to a stress management toolkit and a Touchpoint Psychological Score to measure workforce stress and inform organisational performance

Let me introduce our Happy Hub team, we are:

Dr Sandra Jumbe who is a health psychologist who specialises in workplace wellbeing interventions. Dr Iain Macdonald was a senior project manager and wellbeing advocate at ICL. Alessandro Pio Greco is a data scientist, studying a Master’s at ICL. Nancy Han who has experience in the telecommunication industry who is a completing an MBA at ICL.

We are looking for key stakeholders (investors and mentors) to facilitate early adoption of service

A lung therapy trumpet and other medtech innovations

We kicked off Cohort Three in late October with an intensive three-day entrepreneurial bootcamp. We’re looking forward to working with them over the next eight months and sharing their success stories along the way.

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