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George Waddell

MedStudio: a digital learning platform to enhance the performance of healthcare practitioners

Healthcare practitioners are expected to be expert performers. They must deliver complex, and sometimes devastating, information to their patients clearly and empathetically, managing emotions while maintaining hope. Poor communication has been estimated to cost the healthcare system over one billion pounds per year in the UK alone, particularly in reduced wellbeing, treatment compliance, and litigation. There is growing recognition that the skills of patient interaction require new approaches to training and development. However, the most effective methods training via real and simulated experiences, augmented by one-to-one expert coaching, are expensive and difficult to scale.

MedStudio addresses these challenges by providing a digital learning space through which skills can be shared and evaluated through controlled peer-review and discussion via an expert-led, scientifically-informed learning process. Learners develop not only their communicative skills but their abilities to reflect upon, dissect, and improve upon the abilities of themselves and their peers, fostering an environment of self- and peer-directed learning that can be taken into daily practice. The platform can also be adapted to the performance of technical and clinical skills, such as surgical procedures, as well as performance domains beyond medicine. This venture is a partnership of the Royal College of Music’s Centre for Performance Science, bringing their knowledge of expert learning and practice, and the award-winning developers of learning platforms at Highskillz Ltd.

Team members

  • Aaron Williamon
  • Manuel Oliveira
  • Joao Costa


Conected Mentors

Justin Starling


Gerard Gregg-Smith

Managing Director

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