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Cheap Tramadol Cod Delivery, Ordering Tramadol Online Uk

We believe the care of depression should be personalised and measurement based

Currently, clinical assessment is based on questionnaires taken at infrequent time points or long neuropsychological testing which are subject to self report bias and limited sensitivity. Furthermore, the heterogeneity of depression obscures many study results as patients diagnosed with “major depression” may only share few symptoms and often report opposite symptoms. We are developing a technology that extracts digital biomarkers from voice recordings. This offers unique advantages including objectivity and the ability to sample data more continuously in a natural environment (i.e. outside of clinics). Our aim is to provide a personalized monitoring system that addresses the symptom heterogeneity by using the patients’ own data as the baseline and to allow a robust measurement based care approach using this monitoring system.

The team

Affect.AI (formerly Mind analytics) is a group of three individuals with passion and experience in innovating healthcare. Our CEO Dr. Wun Wong is a former director of a research group developing machine learning services in the health insurance industry. Our CTO Woochan Hwang is a 5th year medical student at Imperial with a BSc in biomedical engineering and research in deep learning applications in medical imaging and biosignals. Our CMO Alice Tang is a junior doctor with a BSc in pharmacology and extensive research experience in neuropsychiatry.

Cohort Two showcase stand
Cohort Two showcase stand
Cohort Two team
Cohort Two team

A lung therapy trumpet and other medtech innovations

We kicked off Cohort Three in late October with an intensive three-day entrepreneurial bootcamp. We’re looking forward to working with them over the next eight months and sharing their success stories along the way.

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