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Alumni | MTSC | Ventures | 26 Apr 2019

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We are excited to see Ugur Tanriverdi’s venture, Unhindr, featured by MedCity as Company of the Month April 2019.

Highlighting the recent €612,000 award from the Order Tramadol Overnight Uk to support further technological development and many other burgeoning partnerships the feature speaks not only to Cheap Tramadol Uk but also to Ugur as a scientist & entrepreneur.

Read the full article Tramadol Cheapest Price

Ugur Tanriverdi joined the MedTech SuperConnector as part of the Tramadol Where To Buy Uk to continue the process of validation and testing the commercial viability of his PhD research at Imperial College London. Unhindr uses “a soft robotic liner for prosthetics which uses AI to adapt to limb shape changes throughout the day”

Ugur Tanriverdi,, Unhindr, Showcase Cohort One
Ugur Tanriverdi, MTSC Venture – Unhindr, showcases his novel soft adaptable robotic liner for prosthetics at MTSC Showcase

Uğur Tanrıverdi, Cohort One

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