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Tramadol 200Mg Online, Order Tramadol Cheap Overnight

The process of closing down the projects supported by MTSC…

Good PracticeKnowledge ExchangeProgramme Design

Cohort Three Application and Selection Process

The application and selection process for Cohort Three, Technology led…

Disbursement of FundsProgramme Design

Cohort Two Award Pack

As part the onboarding process of Cohort Two Challenge Led…

Good PracticeKnowledge ExchangeProgramme Design

Cohort Two Application and Selection Process

In the bid to experiment with acceleration models the Cohort…

Good PracticeProgramme Design

Cohort One Application and Selection Process

The application and selection process for Cohort One, Technology led…

Good PracticeIndustry EngagementProgramme Design

Cohort Two Hackathon Report February 2019

The Challenge Accelerator was modelled on the Industrial Strategy Challenge…

Good PracticeKnowledge ExchangeProgramme Design

Cohort One and Two Programme Reflections May 2019

Learn about good practice on MedTech SuperConnector programme from the…

Branding and Communications

Branding and Promotion

Get to know MedTech SuperConnector. As the project launched we…

Disbursement of Funds

Cohort One Award Pack

As part the onboarding process of Cohort One on to…

Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement Tools

MedTech SuperConnector aims to bridge academia and industry. Through our…

Good PracticeKnowledge Exchange

Cohort One Recruitment and Programme Setup Retrospective September 2018

Learn about the good practice on MedTech SuperConnector programme from…

Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange Interviews with Partner Institutions September 2018

Hear from the Higher Education Institutions in MedTech SuperConnector consortium about…

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