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Our Ventures medtech discoveries range from advances in prosthesis to novel clinical applications for machine learning. Learn more about them below

Nuria Oliva-JorgeAna GomesUddhav VaghelaRiccardo SecoliMatthew Caley

Order Tramadol Overnight Visa, Just Pills Order Tramadol Online

The Venture Accelerator provides participants with existing medical technology from devices, diagnostics to digital healthcare solutions with the funding, training, mentorship and access to industry partners to help fast track the translation of their research.

Rosalind Hannen

Queen Mary University of London

George Winfield

Imperial College London

Caroline Yan Zheng

The Royal College of Art

George Waddell

The Royal College of Music

Letizia Gionfrida

Imperial College London

Ben Swift

The Royal Veterinary College

Elisa Fontana

The Institute of Cancer Research

Ugur Tanriverdi

Imperial College London

Romeo Racz

The Francis Crick Institute

Sam Wilson

Imperial College London

Knowledge Exchange is the Driver of Innovation

MTSC has been an epicentre for knowledge exchange; bringing together the best of innovation capabilities from world leading institutions to support academics to accelerate medical technologies.

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