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MTSC Cohort Four Challenge Accelerator Challenge led programme

Register your interest

MedTech SuperConnector will open applications for the Challenge Accelerator programme in winter 2020. If you are interested in taking part in the next cohort please enter your details below and we'll contact you when applications open with details about how to apply.

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Are you developing a technology with applications in healthcare? Get it to the people who need it faster with our startup business accelerator.

Apply now for our Venture Accelerator Programme offering a salary replacement to take eight months (full-time) away from the lab to develop your medical technology into a business venture. The programme offers entrepreneurship masterclasses, specialist advice, access to co-working space and an allowance for travel and consumables (up to £45,000).

The programme is open to all early career researchers, postdocs and PhD candidates with a medtech innovation in the lab at one of our partner institutions* who want to realise the commercial potential of their technology and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Early Career Researchers will receive

  • Consumable & travel allowance (up to £45,000)
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Business mentoring
  • Access to incubator / accelerator facilities
  • Access to industry networks
  • Salary replacement (amount to be confirmed at offer stage)

Principal Investigators will receive

  • Opportunity to demonstrate the impact of research
  • Fast-track commercialisation
  • More commercially aware postdocs and students
  • Consumables allowance for prototype development (up to £45,000)
  • Salary replacement for ECRs released onto the programme (amount to be confirmed at offer stage)

How to Apply

  • Submit a completed application (deadline Sunday, 11:59pm BST 21 July 2019)
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a panel interview (13, 14, 15 August 2019)
  • Successful applicants will be notified week of 26 August 2019
  • Start Programme (Monday 21 October 2019)


  • Open to ECRs currently in the lab from partner institutions (Postdocs & PhD candidates)
  • You will already be working on a medical device, diagnostic or eHealth solution or idea you wish to commercially develop
  • You must have support from your P.I. to be on the programme

* MTSC partner institutions include Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, Bucks New University, Francis Crick Institute, Royal College of Art, Royal College of Music, Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Veterinary College.

Showcasing Success – accelerating pioneering medtech.
The medical technologies on Cohort One are as diverse as the institutions involved; including a robotic liner to improve the experience of using prosthetic limbs, an AI platform for assessing musculoskeletal disorders and rapid low-cost diagnostics for tuberculosis.

Mastercard Tramadol

Find out more about the programme and hear from the first cohort


Become a member

Join our mailing list to receive updates about Medtech SuperConnector.

You can unsubscribe by clicking the link in our emails where indicated, or emailing Order Tramadol Overnight Uk. Or you can update your contact preferences. We promise to keep your details safe and secure. We won’t share your details outside of Medtech Superconector without your permission. Find out more about how we use personal information in our Cheap Tramadol Uk.